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The Jetset Gentleman.

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The Jetset Gentleman.

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The Jetset Gentleman.

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The Jetset Gentleman.

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The Jetset Gentleman.

- want these.

Superior Taste. Luxury. Lifestyle.

The Jetset Gentleman.

Superior Taste. Travel. Lifestyle.

The Jetset Gentleman.

Ultra Modern Homes. Luxury. Lifestyle.

The Jetset Gentleman.

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The Jetset Gentleman.

Luxury Cars. Superior Taste. Lifestyle.   





I’m such a nice girl, I’m so sick of being fuckzoned!!!!!!!

What’s the fuckzone you ask? it’s this zone that guys put you in where they only want to fuck you; they don’t want to have a friendship with you and they aren’t satisfied with emotional commitment,…

Stop going to parties to meet guys.

Stop going to clubs to meet guys.

Stop meeting guys through a girlfriend who she “once dated but didnt work out”.

You need a better quality type of guy.

Go to starbucks. There are guys who frequent the venue on a regular basis who read or work on their laptop and keep to themselves.

Those are the type of guys you want to attract.

Problem half solved. The rest is just up to you.

NO.That solves NOTHING. It is not up to us, it does not DEPEND upon where we go. This is not the problem of women, it’s the problem of men clearly like you. 

Just because you’re a guy who goes to Starbucks says SHIT about you. It only says that you fucking go to STARBUCKS. Everyone fucking goes to STARBUCKS. That literally says NOTHING about how you treat or view women. 

I’ve met tons of guys who fuckzone me at college so are you going to tell me to stop going to college? Albeit, I’m not there to meet a guy BUT I meet guys there. 

What you’re saying here is that women shouldn’t be allowed to go out and have a fun time and then complain when they meet someone who views them simply as an object from which to obtain sexual pleasure.

Wow you’re a fucking asshole. I’m never following your garbage list of what women “should do”. 

I’m so fed up with the shit you tack onto things you reblog from me and your Asian fetishization. 

Are you 13 years old ?
Do you habe a grain of intellect whatso ever.

I am saying if they are INTERESTED in meeting a decent guy, go to somewhere like starbucks. Bring a book and see what happens. As OPPOSED to going to a bar/club or party and expecting anything MORE THAN to be friend/fuckzoned. to think any different rarely ever happens and no guy goes to such places to pursue a mature, lasting friendship. Haha. Good grief. This has been proven in results done by students who have gone to standford but it is simple psychology.

Yes, maybe i am speaking from a guy’s point of view but i am being honest from my point of view. I spend my time at starbucks because its quiet on my free time - which is very little. And it isnt to hit on woman. I do so because its a nice place to enjoy coffee and work any of my 3 fucking businesses in peace without being disturbed by friends, clients, or whatever. My phone is even off. Try it, and you might find a guy much like myself who would love to talk to you and get to know you and might be unlike anyone youve ever met.

So take your response and shove it up your ass.

By the way, my asian woman ‘fetish’ is just 1/3 of what my blog focuses on. By that i mean that i repost, reblog, share,spit out these interests equally. I am thinking you tried to call me out on that because it was an easy shot. Congratulations ! you tried to insult me on the easiest thing you could but failed only because such clearly only insults you . I have a particular preference for them,just as i do equally for luxury and lifestyle. Why not comment or critique on my ‘fetish’ for luxury or lifestyle ? Does my preference for a certain ethnicity make you feel bad about yourself ? Perhaps after what you tried to throw at me it should.

The Jetset Gentleman.

- robert downey jr.
class, cool, and style. Never with failure.

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The Jetset Gentleman.

- not the white ferrari have been hunting for in the BGC. But will do.

Exotic Taste. Luxury. Lifestyle.

The Jetset Gentleman.

- no, not a michael bay commercial for Audi.

Superior Taste. Luxury. Lifestyle.